New Hips and Knees for £142,857 Postcode Lottery Winners

New Hips and Knees for £142,857 Postcode Lottery Winners

New Hips and Knees for £142,857 Postcode Lottery Winners

A grandad who used to be a black belt at judo has won a £142,857 Postcode Lottery prize. He comes from Selsey in West Sussex, England and it’s going to ensure a much healthier future...

Hip Hip Hooray

His Postcode Lottery win is good news for both himself and his wife Anne. He can now afford to go private and have a double knee replacement. His wife also needs help and a double hip replacement is now on its way.

Chris said of his win, “it’s the sort of thing you dream about and you think it’s never going to happen.”

It’s a win that wouldn’t have happened if the couple hadn’t decided to move to Selsey last April. Their new postcode led to this fantastic win. No wonder Chris describes it as a “lucky move.” The couple are also planning to finish the house renovations they began 11 months ago. Some of their winnings will be given to their family.

Chris and Anne have been a married couple for over 56 years. When it comes to their 60th anniversary a massive celebration is being  planned.

Off to New Zealand

Also celebrating a £142,857 Postcode Lottery win is Lynn. The embroidery company owner says her windfall is “absolutely incredible and it'll be life-changing for me and my kids."

The mother-of-five is going to use some of her winnings to go to New Zealand where her daughter lives. It’s seven years since she last saw her but now the long trip can be afforded.

April will see her move to a bungalow in West Buckland in Devon. That will allow her to be nearer to her daughter who is also her business partner.  Gary from Devon recently won a £200,000 Postcode Lottery prize.

Thanks to this big win there’ll be no need to “skimp about the furniture and decoration” in her new home.

The generous winner will also share her Postcode Lottery winnings with her five children. That will “make a massive difference” and get them on the property ladder.”

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