From a Leaky Bathroom to a £200,000 Postcode Lottery Win

From a Leaky Bathroom to a £200,000 Postcode Lottery Win

From a Leaky Bathroom to a £200,000 Postcode Lottery Win

The day wasn’t going well for Gary from Woolwell in Devon, England. There’d been a leak in his bathroom but better news was just around the corner. He received a Postcode Lottery cheque for £200,000.

Help was at hand from a plumber (who just happened to be his nephew) just as Postcode Lottery presenter Matt Johnson arrived to hand over a cheque.  His nephew joked that his bill was going to go up.  Even better news was on its way as he said no charge would be made for the  repairs.

Golfing and football holidays

Gary is already due to go on holiday to Benidorm later this month. Now he’s got more money to spend there and is planning other trips. They include playing golf and football in Portugal if his wife Elaine agrees.

Eager to put her in a good mood, he’s planning to treat her to a spa weekend in Bath with her sister and niece.

Another  £200,000 Postcode Lottery winner was Julie who described her win as “surreal.” The lucky winner added that her windfall will “really make a difference.”

It wasn’t just Julie who was celebrating, so was her dog Lulu who weighs over 72 kg. Her owner joked: “I’m sure she felt she'd won the lottery too." There will be reasons to celebrate though as this Postcode Lottery win will just about cover all her food (2 kg of meat a day) for the next year.

Off down under

For herself, Julia is planning to go to Ireland to see her son. Then a visit to her cousin in Australia is planned. A teacher from Peterborough, England is also heading down under after her Postcode Lottery win .

79-year-old Mary wants to help her family after also winning a £200,000 Postcode Lottery prize. The great-grandmother also has a dog on her mind. Not her own but her sister’s who is not well at present and needs further expensive vet treatment.

Mary can now replace her current car, decorate her house and give the garden a much-needed revamp.

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