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Newfoundland woman is Lotto Max winner to the tune of $700,000
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A woman from Newfoundland and Labrador on the very eastern coast of Canada has become the latest Lotto Max winner as she took home a cheque for $700,000.Just a month after the largest ever Lotto Max prize was claimed, this prize was a second tier winner, and Alana Langdon collected the winnings together with her husband at Atlantic Canada offices on Wednesday, telling lottery officials that if it hadn’t been for the weather, then she might not be standing there at all. Mrs Langdon’s husband, Stephen, works offshore and last weekend, due to bad weather, he wasn’t able to get home as he usually does.So, in order to cheer herself up, Mrs Langdon bought a Lotto Max ticket and got on with the rest of her day. The next morning, however, the lottery player received an email from Atlantic Lottery, telling her that she was a big winner, just like it did for Lester Hillier and Barbara Thomas of Grand Falls who were other major Newfoundland Lottery winners in May this year.“I was in disbelief initially,” she told lottery officials of the moment she realised that she had won $700,000 from the Lotto Max. “And then it went through my head that I had to tell my husband as soon as possible, but I didn’t know how I was going to get hold of him.”The lottery winner, who lives in Conception Bay South, waited until her husband got home later that day to tell him. “I think I said, ‘You’re never going to believe what happened to me this morning,’” Mrs Langdon said of the moment that her husband walked through the door. “I told him the amount and he asked me to repeat it back to him, we’re pretty excited,” she finished, with a story not unlike that of Daniele Stamp from Newfoundland who won $1 million on the Lotto Max earlier this year.The family said that they are mostly looking forward to having financial security thanks to their $701,004 Lotto Max prize, just like Celestine Tarrant, also from Newfoundland, who was set for life after her scratch card win. “We’re two working parents with kids and it’s just a dreamt o be able to raise them without financial stress,” said Mrs Langdon of what the win will mean for them. “We’re very blessed that we’re here today.”For your chance to win with your favourite international lottery, play now at!