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No Lie-in for $17.16m NZ Powerball Winners
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No Lie-in for $17.16m NZ Powerball Winners

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. However, for a couple from Auckland, New Zealand, it was a day of celebration. That was when they found out they’d won a $17.16 million NZ Powerball jackpot.

The couple, who have asked to remain anonymous, were the only first division winners in the draw held on Saturday 24 July.

The husband recalled how he was with his children on that amazing Sunday morning, while his wife had a lie-in. He then checked his phone and saw that the NZ Powerball jackpot had been won. The winning ticket had been sold at the West City Lotto in Henderson. That just happened to be the store where they had bought a ticket.

Wake Up

He woke up his wife and asked her if she’d purchased a ticket for yesterday’s NZ Powerball draw. When she replied yes, her lie-in was over as the couple checked their ticket.

The husband read out the winning numbers to her and his wife realized they had the first three numbers. Then more were matched, and her hands began to shake as she realized their ticket had won the NZ Powerball jackpot. “We sat there in total disbelief, checking and rechecking the ticket,” she recalled.

Tears of Joy

The lucky winners then went to see their family to tell them their fantastic news. They had tears in their eyes when arriving and their family were worried some bad news was on the way. Of course, it was the exact opposite, and it was their turn to cry tears of joy.

Their winning NZ Powerball ticket was put in a cupboard. The next day they  went to the Lotto’s head office to claim their winnings. They were still in shock having seen their lives changed.

Their family is important to them and the winners “want to make sure the win lasts for generations.” The husband added: “We are just so excited to be able to set up our family for the future — we feel so incredibly lucky."

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