No More Night Shifts for $50m Lotto Max Winners

No More Night Shifts for $50m Lotto Max Winners

No More Night Shifts for $50m Lotto Max Winners

It’s not easy working a night shift but Nancy Gauthier and her mother Jeanette Boisvert  from the Laurentians in Canada don't have to do that now. On December 15, they won a $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.

For 18 years, they’ve been on that night shift but now she’s called it a day. Along with her mother and Bosisverts spouse; Gilles Larouche, they landed the massive jackpot.

The 34-year-old recalled her delight in being able to tell her boss that she was retiring. Her job had been upholstering sofas and kitchen chairs. That was done from 3pm to 2am and her mother also worked there. When her employee asked if two weeks’ notice could be worked, she simply replied “sorry I can’t.”

It’s been a hectic week for the Lotto Max winners. Coping with the shock of becoming multi-millionaires isn’t easy. The three players have all been receiving help from Loto-Québec on how to deal with their fantastic windfall.

Keep it safe

Gauthier was concerned her Lotto Max ticket might be lost. For a week she kept it safely by her side.

All of the three Lotto Max jackpot winners were presented with their cheque at the Loto-Québec offices. With confetti coming down from the ceiling and television cameras present, the trio looked a bit overwhelmed at what was happening.

Jeanette has also quit her job even though she’d been working for the company for 23 years and “liked it.”  Her plan was to continue working there but this Lotto Max jackpot win has changed all of that.

A new house

For many years, she has looked at other people’s houses with envious eyes. Often she’d wonder “will that ever be for me?”  She had been saving up but reckoned another 15 years would be needed but not now.  Two EuroMillions winners built their own house.

Larouche is also looking at buying land and wants a small farm property so the family can live together. Also on his spending list is a new car as his Ford Ranger is “looking a little tired.”

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