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No Time on Beach for £105m EuroMillions Winner
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No Time on Beach for £105m EuroMillions Winner

Builder Steve Thomson from Selsey in West Sussex, England won a £105m EuroMillions jackpot two years ago. Despite that win, he, and his wife, Lenka, continue to be careful with their spending and made several donations to charity.

The 43-year-old was in shock when his EuroMillions jackpot came along. In fact, Mr Thompson says he was on the verge of “having a heart attack.” Thankfully that didn’t happen and since then he’s been enjoying spending the windfall in a sensible manner.

Helping the local community

He decided that his EuroMillions win would be used to help his local community. Even though he was a multi-millionaire, the builder he still offered to do handy work for his friends and family at Christmas, without charge.

He has also made several donations, including £100,000 to his cricket club, £50,000 to the Selsey Medical Centre and the same amount was donated to the school that his two sons attend.

No sitting on a beach

One local resident spoke of how the EuroMillions winner has behaved since his win. “Steve’s a mega jackpot winner but first and foremost he’s a loyal builder. He could be sitting on a sun-kissed beach sipping champers but instead, he’s still at work like the rest of us.”

The idea of “sitting around doing nothing” just isn’t what Steve is all about. He says that the only thing that has really changed for the couple is that they are better off financially.

When it came to buying a new car, he could have bought the most luxurious out there. Instead, he purchased a second-hand VW van for himself. For his wife, he bought a Volvo XC90, as the sensible spending began.

It took him nine months to make those purchases. Only recently have they moved into a luxury home. The couple now have a £4.5m estate in neighbouring Kent. They have a swimming pool, tennis court, six bedrooms, five reception rooms, two lakes, landscaped gardens and stable. Some renovation is required but it’ll be Steve who carries out the work.

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