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Nova Scotia Lotto Max winner will buy a new mobile home with $1 million prize
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A man from Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada, has won $1 million on the country’s national Lotto Max game, and has revealed that he will buy himself a new mobile home with his fortune.David Pouchelu, who is originally from the Cape Breton area of Nova Scotia but works as a labourer on a three week rotation between the oilfields of Alberta and his home, says that he’d been buying Lotto tickets for a long time, and admitted that “I was hoping to win, of course, as I do every draw”. Mr Pouchelu, who is 55, purchased his winning Lotto Max ticket at Needs Convenience Store on Alexandra Street in Sydney and he joins another recent Nova Scotia $1 million Lottery winner, Randall Sellars, who won a big prize earlier this month, as well as another Atlantic Canada winner, Peter McCathie, who won his million on the Lotto 6/49 back in July.According to the store clerk, when she sold Mr Pouchelu his winning ticket, she had just sold three of the same in a row, but she told the Lotto Max winner “You bought the lucky ticket,” according to Mr Pouchelu. And that promise turned out to be true, as the 55 year old won a $1 million prize, and plans to put his money towards purchasing a new mobile home.“The mobile home I have is in nice shape, but it’s an older one,” he told lottery officials as he explained his decision. “So I want a new one,” not unlike a couple of Irish Lotto winners who decided to spend some of their winnings on a mobile home. Mr Pouchelu is also going to build a garage on his property to give himself some space for his hobby of woodworking, and the oil worker will make sure that some of the money is put aside and invested for his retirement and will do his best to enjoy his time off, just like EuroMillions winner George Kinghorn who decided to continue working as an offshore oil worker despite winning £1 million.The Lotto Max winner didn’t even think about stopping work and he said “I’m still a young man in my mind. I live a simple life and I like it like that. I’m just looking forward to going back to work.” However, he did ask for an extra week off work to claim his winnings.Have you got your wish list yet? To become the next big winner, play lottery online with us at