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Oldest Tea Boy in the country celebrating after winning over £150,000
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A retired greengrocer who describes himself as the oldest tea boy in England has won over £150,000 on the EuroMillions lottery.John Kingsman, 77 from Aldwick near Bognor won £154,144.50 in the EuroMillions draw held on June 20th. The winning numbers in that draw were: 5-15-25-38-49 with the Lucky Stars 1 and 2. Mr Kingsman was one of seven lucky winners who won that amount for matching the five main balls and one Lucky Star.The draw took place on Friday evening but it wasn’t until two days later that he checked his EuroMillions ticket and realised he’d won over £150,000. John admits he was “shaking from head-to-toe” when he realised his good fortune: “I had to get my neighbour to check it with me to make sure I had got it right.”He took his winning ticket to Sainsbury’s but was disappointed that he was unable to immediately collect the money. The person serving him told the lucky winner that they only paid out winnings that weren’t over £500.Mr Kingsman currently works at Wholesales and Catering Supplies in Winchester and says despite the win he has no plans to stop working. He revealed his main task in his job is to make cups of tea saying: “I still go into the office to take phone orders but I mostly make tea, making me probably the oldest tea boy in the country. I would be bored if I was just in my flat every day, although now I’ve won this money I plan to spend more time on the golf course.”At one time John played off a ten handicap but due to ill health was forced to give up playing the game for a period of time last year. He doesn’t have any immediate family so plans on spending more time on the golf course and treating many of his close friends to meals out. Being a keen driver he also intends on buying a new car to replace his current Ford Fiesta with a Range Rover.Next EuroMillions draw will take place on Friday July 4th, with an estimated jackpot of €41m. Give yourself a chance by playing now at