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Ontario Lotto 649 winner plans to leave Canada for the first time in his life
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A lottery player from Ontario in Canada who won big on the Lotto 649 is planning to travel outside of Canada with his winnings for the first time in his life.Leslie Simpson, from Beaverton in Durham County, Ontario, won $5 million on the Lotto 649 drawing which took place on July 15th. The lottery winner said that he was so shocked when he checked his ticket during his usual Sunday morning routine that he got the amount of his win wrong. Mistaking lottery prizes is not unusual, as an Iowan recently thought she’d won $5,000 on a scratch card that was actually worth $50,000.“As the retailer scanned my ticket, I could hear music coming from the terminal,” Mr Simpson told lottery officials of when he took his Lotto 649 tickets to his local store to check them. “Then the OLG called to confirm my win.” The story wasn’t over there, however, as Mr Simpson then received a printed validation slip from the Lotto retailer which he initially thought was worth $500,000. A Maryland Powerball winner thought his $50,000 prize was worth $5,000 when he first checked his ticker.“The retailer stopped me and said, ‘No, it’s $5 million!’ I called my wife and told her I’m buying a new truck. Then I said, ‘I won $5 million!’ She was more excited than I was.” The lottery winner continued to say that he is going to split the money equally with his wife, and their first plan is to buy two news trucks, just like another Canadian Lotto 649 winner planned after winning $1 million. “And I’m planning to do more fishing going forward,” he told the Ontario Lottery and Gaming officials as he collected his prize. The Québec lottery winner we told you about yesterday was also a big fan of fishing.The Lotto 649 winner also mentioned that he’s looking forward to having freedom to travel now that he’s a millionaire. “I would love to take my wife to Paris,” he said. “I’ve never been out of the country so that will be my first stop.” A Northern Irish lottery scratch card winner planned a trip to Paris after winning £100,000, but this time to Disneyland.Update your wish list and purchase your tickets online now at