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Ontario Lotto Max winner “cried like a baby” after $1 million win
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A Lotto Max winner from North Bay in Ontario, Canada, told lottery officials that he began crying “like a baby” after he realised he’d won $1 million.Just last week we told you about another Ontario lottery winner who planned to visit Europe, and now Dan Beaulne won his $1 million on the Lotto Max MaxMillions game on January 27th, but waited until now to come forward and claim his cheque. “I purchased my winning ticket on my way home from work,” Mr Beaulne told lottery officials, continuing to say that he didn’t check it until a few days later when he was able to get back to a store.He scanned the ticket on a self-check machine in a lottery retailer, but he said that his eyes had trouble processing the amount of zeros on the screen. “The words, ‘Big Winner’ appeared on the screen plus the number 1 and a row of zeros,” he explained. “For some reason, I thought I won $10,000.” A retired farm worker from Alberta who won $50 million on the Lotto Max was also astounded by the number of zeros he was seeing.Asking the retailer to double check the ticket for him, Mr Beaulne soon realised the prize was something special when the lottery terminal shut down and then the OLG called the store to speak to him. “I don’t remember much of the conversation,” the Lotto Max winner said, before describing his celebration. “I shouted out loud with excitement and said to the retailer, ‘I’m a millionaire!’”Just like for Brooklyn bus driver Frederick McClendon who won $7 million on the Cash4Life, the excitement soon became emotional and Mr Beaulne went to his car and started crying, before sharing the news with his wife and children who were just as happy with their good luck. The Lotto Max winner said that he now plans to use his winnings to take care of his children and grandchildren’s futures, and build himself a new home, just like a Western Australian family who won $40 million on the Oz Lotto and could finally buy themselves their own home.“I am a newlywed fortunate enough to have found love for a second time,” he said. “This win means that my bride and I can build our first house together.” Mr Beaulne also hopes to take a trip to visit two young children that he sponsors, one in Africa and another in the Dominican Republic, and he wants to make sure that they are both looked after. An English woman who won £300,000 on a National Lottery scratch card said her main priority was charity after her windfall.To discover how a big win makes you feel, purchase your tickets online at