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Oz Lotto winner Bought Two Winning Tickets by Mistake
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Oz Lotto winner Bought Two Winning Tickets by Mistake

The recent Oz Lotto winner in Australia mistakenly bought an additional ticket with the same numbers for the March 26 draw. It’s a mistake he’ll never regret making as his numbers came up resulting in double success and a $46.6m jackpot win.

Three Winning Tickets but just Two Players

The March 26 Oz Lotto draw had a $70m jackpot, the highest this year. There were three winners of the top prize but just two successful ticket-holders. Oz Lotto spokeswoman Bronwyn Spence explained how the St Albans winner purchased two tickets from different stores.“He thought he’d bought an entry for a different lottery draw,” she revealed. Both had the same numbers so when they successfully matched 09-12-18-24-25-28-29, he didn’t just win the jackpot once, but twice.

The numbers are Special Now

The winning tickets were purchased from Winning Lotteries St Albans and the Footscray Lottery Centre. His lucky numbers have been used every week for the past 30 years. The shocked player said: “I have never chosen the numbers on anything in particular. They weren’t special before, but they are now.”His tickets were registered so lottery officials were able to contact him with the news of his Oz Lotto win. He already knew of his $23.33m windfall but was shocked when told that it was actually $46.66m. “You’re kidding!” was his response and added that he was speechless and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.The double winner has asked to remain anonymous. Oz Lotto spokesman Matt Hart described the lucky player as “a hard-working man that’s worked very much for all of his life.”

New Home and Car but No Retirement Yet

The Oz Lotto winner says he is going to share his winnings with his family. He hasn’t quit his blue-collar job yet but is considering retirement. A new home and car are on his shopping list.The other Oz Lotto jackpot winner was sold to a player in Hobart. They weren’t registered so officials are waiting for the player to come forward and claim their $23.3m windfall.

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