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Patience helps Irish woman win €500,000 EuroMillions Plus prize
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Not everyone wants to spend their time waiting in a queue but thankfully a woman from Dublin, Ireland did, and it won her a €500,000 EuroMillions Plus prize in the draw held on Friday March 9.It’s another big win in Dublin after a family from the city also won a €500,000 EuroMillions Prize. Like their windfall though, this more recent win was also one that nearly didn’t happen. The woman recalled how there was a queue at Ticketron in the Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght. The sight of that queue nearly put her off buying a EuroMillions Plus ticket, "I was a bit tired when I joined the queue and I was in no humour for the wait," she said.There were three people ahead of her in the queue and she was about to give up and walk away but then thankfully changed her mind. "One person got served and I just thought, 'Ah, sure I may as well stick with it now'.When she collected her EuroMillions Plus winnings accompanied by her husband, she recalled how lucky it was that she showed some patience. "My God - when you think of it. Imagine if I had stepped out and got a ticket in the local shop later on? It wouldn't be the two of us sitting here in the winners' room," said the woman. Carrie Groves from Maryland, USA, dodged the queues and it won her a $1m Powerball prize.The EuroMillions Plus winners are both retired, just like English couple Shirley and Dennis Banfield who recently landed a £18m UK Lotto jackpot.They have requested to stay anonymous as was the case with the recent $559.7m Powerball jackpot winner from New Hampshire, USA.The lucky EuroMillions Plus couple plan to use their windfall to help their children pay their mortgages. Their winnings will allow them to enjoy a more comfortable retirement. "We are both retired and have our own mortgage cleared off so it really is a lovely amount to win," said the husband. A man from Munster had success in the EuroMillions Plus in February of this year.He added that it will be good to have a little extra to spend and that will allow them to go on some holidays. Perhaps they’ll head to the Caribbean as ‘Lucky Ernie’ from Maryland, USA, did after his $12,510 Keno windfall.To discover how a big win makes you feel, purchase your tickets online at