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Patience Pays off as Sheila wins $5m Canadian Lotto 6-49 Jackpot
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It's extremely common for players to keep using the same numbers again and again, hoping one day they will win a fortune. Sheila Nagels has been playing the same selection for seven years and her patience paid off when she won $5m in the Canadian Lotto 6-49 draw held on February 25.Nagels, 50, from Hamilton, Ontario, purchased her winning Lotto 6-49 ticket from the McMaster University Medical Centre where she has worked as a hospital supply aide for the past 32 years. When she scanned her Lotto 6-49 ticket it initially said she'd won $5,000 but an OLG rep later corrected that to $5m."I didn't realize how overwhelming something like this was” said the Lotto 6-49 winner. Being passionate about social causes, Sheila plans on using some of her $5m winnings to help people dealing with mental health issues. "It's obvious when someone's in a wheelchair, but sometimes it's not obvious if my brain can't function well. That's what bothers me, and I need to change that.”Sheila has several personal experiences of mental health problems. Her 18-year-old son Colin slipped on ice and suffered post-concussion symptoms. Since his accident he has had difficulty connecting thoughts to speech. Colin needs a medical test that will cost $6,000 and his mother will use part of her Canadian Lotto 6-49 winnings to pay for that test.Her brother Harry has also seen his life changed after he hit his head on a steering wheel in a car accident. He ended up living on the streets and spending time in homeless shelters. Last year the family received a call from the Edmonton police saying he had died, but he was finally found living on a bench.Her father suffered from bipolar disorder and after he sadly passed away, Sheila would wake up in the middle of the night to repetitive numbers on her digital clock. The Canadian Lotto 6-49 winner saw this as a sign and started buying lottery tickets. The numbers include a mixture of her families' birthdays and others she considered lucky.The winning numbers in the Canadian Lotto 6-49 draw on February 25 were: 15-17-25-29-30-36 and the bonus number: 14.Try your luck too and purchase your lottery tickets online at