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Pizza Purchase Leads to $432m Mega Millions Jackpot
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Pizza Purchase Leads to $432m Mega Millions Jackpot

A pizza is a delicious treat but for one lucky player in New York, USA, it’s changed their life. They didn’t just buy a pizza but also a $432 million winning Mega Millions ticket.

The ticket managed to match all of the six numbers that were drawn out in the Tuesday September 21 Mega Millions draw. They were: 36-41-45-51-56 and the Mega Ball 13. Not a selection that was useful for anyone using birthdays or anniversaries for their selections.

No one has yet come forward to claim their Mega Millions jackpot. Whoever has won has to decide whether to accept the win as an annuity or a one-off payment of $315 million.

A lucky store

It was the Pronto Pizza store at 62 W 48th St where the lucky ticket was purchased. As well as their delicious Pizzas, the shop also has a lotto machine where Mega Millions tickets can be purchased, and it turns out to be a very lucky place to buy tickets.

David Khiralla is the owner of the Pronto Pizza store. He said that he was happy for the winner and hopes more winning tickets will be sold by his store in the future. A few years ago, they sold a ticket that won $3 million and before that in 2009, a scratchcard that won $1 million.

"It's a lucky place," he said. "There's no secret at all. It's luck. It's luck. If you're lucky, you got it. If you're unlucky, you'll get it next time. Nothing in the pizza, no secret in the pizza."

New York State is having a successful year when it comes to playing Mega Millions. February saw a ticket sold in Oneida County to Leonard and Lorraine Padavan win $96 million.

More Big Jackpots

The next few days see some more big jackpots up for grabs. On Friday September 24, there’s the €130 million (£111 million) EuroMillions Superdraw and the following day, a $523 million Powerball jackpot. Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot will be $20 million.

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