£1 million EuroMillions Winner Still Working a Decade Later

£1 million EuroMillions Winner Still Working a Decade Later

£1 million EuroMillions Winner Still Working a Decade Later

Friday July 5 saw the EuroMillions jackpot won for the ninth time this year. A ticket sold in the UK won the £33 million jackpot.

It was the 128th UK ticket to win a EuroMillions jackpot. That ties them with France as the most wins by a country.

Will the lucky winner(s) retire though? Not every big EuroMillions winner does so?  Back in 2014, Ruth Breen from Wigan in England won £1 million but a decade later still works as a midwife.

Great holidays

It hasn’t all been working in the past ten years. There have been some “great holidays” to St Lucia, Mauritius and Dubai.

At work, Mrs Breem doesn’t tell her patients that she’s a millionaire. It pleases her that she’s treated just like any other midwife both by her patients and work colleagues.

10-years after her win, the EuroMillions winner has been supporting the charity ‘The Baby Room.’   Other National Lottery winners recently helped the Baby Basics charity.

Speaking about her EuroMillions win, Ruth said: “An awful lot has changed in the past 10 years but then again, not so much.”

Ruth has reduced her working hours and that allows her to spend more time with her daughter. Continuing to work has helped her to keep her feet on the ground and set an example to her daughter who was 11 when her mother became a millionaire.

First purchase

What would be your first purchase after becoming a millionaire? A Scottish couple  bought a feather duvet after their £1 million EuroMillions win.

For Ruth it was a pair of Jimmy Choos and it proved to be an emotional experience. The EuroMillions winner admitted buying them nearly left her in tears. “I couldn’t believe I was actually able to purchase this.” More have been bought since but “I don’t cry as much any more,” she joked.

A BMW X3 was also purchased rather than a sports car as she needed some extra boot space. No new home was bought as she’d just moved into a new one before winning £1 million..

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