£148m EuroMillions Winner Forced to Cancel Cambridge Rock Festival

£148m EuroMillions Winner Forced to Cancel Cambridge Rock Festival

£148m EuroMillions Winner Forced to Cancel Cambridge Rock Festival

£148 million EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford had been planning to host the Cambridge Rock Festival in August. However, he’s been forced to cancel the event after his neighbours complained about the noise it’d make.

The 53-year-old won his massive EuroMillions jackpot in 2015. At the time he was married to Gilian but they have since divorced.

The EuroMillions winner now lives in a £12 million mansion in Cambridgeshire, England and it has 90 acres of land. Although not quite the Glastonbury Festival, the festival was going to see 2,000 fans camping out and enjoying a feast of rock music.

This would have been the third festival that the EuroMillions winner has staged. The others were held in 2017 and 2018. Five years after the last event he’s been busy planning another one but it won’t now take place and refunds are having to be issued.

Local residents were not looking forward to the sound of heavy metal music being played until 11pm. 60 rock bands were due to be playing with tickets costing £129.

Complaints aplenty

Determined not to see the festival take place, neighbours made several complaints to the local council. A different licence to the one given for the previous events was required for the event to go ahead. The council have now refused to issue Mr Bayford with an event licence.

Without that being issued the festival that was due to be held from August 3-6 simply cannot go ahead. The organisers are extremely upset at not being able to hold the 2023 festival.

They stressed that the two previous events held had not seen any complaints made about the noise. Nor was there any bad behaviour, traffic problems or drug issues reported.

2024 return?

They added that the structure of the festival with three stages within 150 metres of each other would have prevented them “from running too loud in order to limit undesirable "crosstalk" between the stages.”

Determined to keep the festival running, they will make a new licence application and hope to run the festival in 2024.

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