£166,666 Postcode Lottery Winner Nearly Cancelled His Ticket

£166,666 Postcode Lottery Winner Nearly Cancelled His Ticket

£166,666 Postcode Lottery Winner Nearly Cancelled His Ticket

A former soldier from Newcastle Upon Tyne in England has won a £166,666 Postcode Lottery prize. It nearly didn’t happen though as he’d considered cancelling his ticket.

Moving win

Alan was just about to move house and his Postcode Lottery ticket was for that address not the one he’s moving to. He’d considered cancelling that one and starting to play at his new postcode. Before he could do that though, he won this great prize. No wonder he said: “Thank goodness I didn’t.”

The father-of-one now works as a security guard and had just got back home from a night shift. He’s now planning to use his Postcode Lottery win to have holidays in Greece and Turkey. Also he wants to have a log cabin in the Northumberland countryside. He thought his win might be £10,000 at the most.

New car

Another winner of £166,666 was Claire who is a mother of three. She’d only signed up a year ago after her mother convinced her to join up. Now Claire is celebrating a big win and it came on her mother’s birthday.

Claire doesn’t have a car at present but a new one will be purchased thanks to her Postcode Lottery win. The lucky player also wants to take her children to Walt Disney World in Florida or perhaps Turkey.

Double win

Anthony and his wife Christine both won £166,666. “Oh my God, I’m so happy,” said Christine when being told of their win. Next she phoned her husband who was at work in his truck. He joked: “She's in charge of the money. I just make it." Christine thought their win might only be £20,000.  UK £61 million EuroMillions winners thought they’d only won £2.60.

The couple will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary later this year.  They now plan to buy a new bathroom, do up their garden (front and back) and go on a dream family holiday possibly to the Maldives. Their son, daughter and grandchildren will also be helped thanks to this Postcode Lottery win.

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