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£1.8m National Lottery Win Spent But a “Great Time” Was Had
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£1.8m National Lottery Win Spent But a “Great Time” Was Had

In 2005, Lara Griffiths from Leeds, England, won a £1.8 million National Lottery  jackpot. Now her windfall has all been spent but insists a “great time” has been had.

Now 53 years-old, Lara lives in the nearby village Boston Spa and seems to have no regrets at her National Lottery winnings having gone. What has upset her is comments by her ex-husband and others who describe her as “tragic” and a “silly woman.”

While there has been money spent on holidays, cars and plastic surgery, Laura has defended her spending, even buying over 15 designer handbags. Talking about how her National Lottery winnings have been used, she says “I spent it wisely - and I had a great time.”

Winning the jackpot was a big shock for her. Soon after receiving her £1.8 million cheque, she went on holiday to Dubai with her then husband, Roger.

A £150,000 salon was purchased and Lara began working there full-time after quitting her job as a teacher. The National Lottery winner claims she worked without a salary being paid. When houses were  purchased, mortgages were taken out on them.

The mother-of-two insists that the couple did not “fritter money away.”  The cars that were bought were second hand and they flew economy class.


There were mistakes made but Lara says it was her husband who made some of them. He wanted to forge a music career and spent “a lot of money” on that. Her now ex-husband confirmed that £25,000 was spent on trying to fund a record.

It was in 2013, eight years after the National Lottery win, that the money ran out. The couple also ended their marriage so it wasn’t the best of years.

Back home with mum

Lara and her two daughters, Kitty (16) and Ruby (19) now live with her 86-year-old mother in a four-bedroom house. Her aim is to ensure that her children “have a nice life.”  Despite the £1.8 million being spent, she insists that “the lottery did not ruin my life.”

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