£1m UK Lotto Winner Finally Returns to his Beloved Scotland

£1m UK Lotto Winner Finally Returns to his Beloved Scotland

£1m UK Lotto Winner Finally Returns to his Beloved Scotland

Steve Glover was living in Exeter, England this time last year. He’d always dreamed of going back to Scotland but his caravan had been vandalised. A £1 million UK Lotto win has seen his life change forever..

The 73-year-old former taxi-driver has long wanted to live in the Scottish Highlands during his retirement. It was his time in the RAF that led to him wanting to eventually live in Scotland and also give him a love of anything with an engine.

He’s been playing the same lottery numbers for a while now. When he checked the results he instantly recognised his numbers and realised he’d won £1 million in the UK Lotto draw. An Australian used the same numbers for years and  is celebrating a $1 million Gold Lotto win.

He still wasn’t sure that he’d matched five of the main balls and the bonus. Worried he’d been “looking at the wrong thing” he asked his best friend and then his ex-wife to read out the winning  numbers.

Pinching himself

Lottery wins really can change your life. That’s likely to be the case for the player who won a £15 million UK Lotto jackpot two days ago. Mr Glover says: “I still pinch myself at how much has changed for me for the better.”

Vehicles aplenty purchased

With his new vehicle, he left Exeter and began the marathon 1,000 mile trip to his new life in Scotland.

“Doing that drive in a swanky new motorhome was wonderful,” he recalled. However, it wasn’t suitable for all the narrow lanes that are in the Scottish Highlands so a more practical SUV was purchased.

His UK Lotto win has allowed him to buy plenty of treats. He bought himself an old Bentley as “a pre-Christmas treat.” An all-terrain vehicle was also purchased and a Land Rover.

He’s been loving making all these purchases. He admits to being someone who has “always loved anything with an engine.” Being able to make his purchases has made him feel “like a kid in a sweet shop.”.

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