£500,000 Thunderball Win Was No Dream

£500,000 Thunderball Win Was No Dream

£500,000 Thunderball Win Was No Dream

Raymond Young from Edinburgh in Scotland won a £500,000 Thunderball jackpot. For a while though, he thought it might have been just a dream.

Mr Young recently retired from his job working at British Gas. He won his fantastic prize in the draw held on March 23.in the March 23 draw.

The 63-year-old got up during the night and checked his ticket. He discovered the £500,000 Thunderball win but then went back to sleep.

A dream?

When he woke up in the morning he wondered if it had all been a dream. After again checking his ticket he realised it was true, he had won £500,000. Len Parsons from Kent  has been spending more time with his pythons since winning a £500,000 Thunderball prize.

He’s certainly a patient player as Raymond has been playing the same numbers for the past 25 years. Finally, his selection of 12-14-17-25-29 and the Thunderball 14 won him the jackpot.

Mr Young has already been busy spending his Thunderball winnings. A static caravan has been purchased and he’s decided on a “beautiful spot on the coast” for it to be placed. He can’t wait to start going there with his friends.

Back to Blackpool

Since his win he’s also paid a visit to one of the best known holiday destinations in England. He went to Blackpool famous for its pier, tower and portions of fish and chips. It’s a place that the 63-year-old has always loved visiting.

Speaking about his latest visit, the Thunderball winner said: “For me, Blackpool has and will always be a home from home. It holds such special memories and I just love visiting a few times a year.”

It was clearly an emotional trip for him bringing back memories of playing on the beach when he was a child. He’d been paying several visits there in the past decade as he has friends in the area. No wonder he said: “it just had to be the place I chose to celebrate my win.”

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