Relief as $500,000 Winning Scratchcard Found

Relief as $500,000 Winning Scratchcard Found

Relief as $500,000 Winning Scratchcard Found

A pastor from New Hampton in Iowa, USA, was so excited about winning a $500,000 scratchcard prize that he left the winning ticket behind.

Winning such a huge scratchcard prize is such a shocking experience. Pastor Kevin Frey said that his winning $500,000 left him “excited and flustered.”  However, the 64-year-old experienced some different emotions when not knowing where his winning scratchcard was.

He’d made his purchase at Cas"I was shaking pretty good then, I think," Kevin said.ey’s store and scratched off the ticket while still there. The amazing discovery was made and he rushed out to his car. He then started making some phone calls letting people know what had just happened.

One of the calls was made to his son who didn’t initially believe what he was being told. The lucky winner admits that he’s known “to tell some pretty good tales sometimes.” His son then asked for a photo of the winning scratchcard to be sent to him.

Where’s it gone?

Then he suddenly realised that he didn’t have the winning scratchcard with him. Just where could it be?  “I was shaking pretty good, I think,” said the anxious winner.

He rushed back to the store and thank heavens the scratchcard was safe and sound. The woman who had sold him the winning scratchcard hadn’t actually given it back to him. “We finally got it on the right page,” joked the relieved winner.

Sunday service as usual

Even though he had just won $500,000, the pastor still went ahead with his Sunday service. Those attending enjoyed his weekly sermon.  A man who won a $50 million Lotto Max jackpot still went to work that day.

Plans for the scratchcard winnings include him moving from New Hampton to Des Moines. He and his wife, Marian can retire and be nearer to their family.

He also wants to make some charitable donations. The pastor says it “will be fun” to help some of the charities “that we support and have supported for a long time."

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