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Retired Canadian MLA wins $1 million Lotto Max prize
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A retired government official from the Western Canadian province of Alberta has won $1 million on the National Lotto Max lottery.Bruce Rowe, who until last year was an Alberta Member of the Legislative Assembly, was already well known in the area but will now become something of a local celebrity after winning the huge prize. Mr Rowe served as an MLA for the Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta, a right wing party, before crossing the floor to the Progressive Conservative party in his last year of standing.Together with his wife, Carol, Mr Rowe collected his winnings from lottery officials in St Albert and he said that it was an amazing feeling to discover that he had won the lottery. “You can’t imagine it, it was a pretty good feeling,” said the Lotto Max winner who purchased his Quick Pick ticket from a Lotto booth in Market Mall Calgary. The Rowe’s are not the only Western Canadians to win big on the Lotto Max recently, as a British Columbia woman collected her $12.5 million lottery prize just last week.It was Mrs Rowe who discovered the Lotto Max win, and she said that when she realised that they had won the he $1 million Lotto Max prize, she felt like she had gone into shock. “I just kept on saying, ‘Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!’ That’s all I could think of to say,” said the former mayor wife, who continued by saying that she then called her husband to break the news, and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing either.The couple have now said that they are happy the Lotto Max winnings will be able to take away some of their worries about money, and they are thinking about replacing their classic car collection. Mr Rowe used to have a 1965 Corvette, but sold it recently in order to pay off the mortgage. Hopefully that can soon be rectified!The couple are also planning on using some of their Lotto Max winnings to help out their grandchildren with their education, and as well as to enjoy their retirement. “It just took some of the worries about the economy and everything away for sure,” said the former mayor of Beiseker and MLA for Olds-Didsbury-Three-Hills.It must be a great feeling to find out that you became a millionaire… play lottery online with us at and find out how it feels.