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Retired truck driver brings biggest delivery of his career to himself thanks to a lottery scratch off ticket
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A former truck driver from Maryland has delivered his biggest parcel yet in the form of a $20,000 lottery scratch off prize.The lottery player, from Dorchester county in Maryland won big on a Ravens scratch off lottery ticket after he made a stop at Royal Farms #131 store in Cambridge, Maryland, to buy gas, and also decided to treat himself to a few lottery tickets, choosing solely the Ravens scratch cards, which have won a Baltimore man $50,000 recently. The retired truck driver said he had a long drive ahead of him as he was travelling to meet his girlfriend in Salisbury, so grabbed a few tickets to make the drive more bearable. A recent California scratch off winner had also stopped for gas when he bought a winning $1.2 million ticket.“I decided to scratch a few of my Lottery tickets before I got back on the road,” said the 64-year-old Maryland man. “I almost stopped cold in my tracks after I saw what the ticket was saying that I had won. Across nearly the entire play area on the ticket were $1,000 winners and over.” Another retired truck driver from Maryland recently won $1 million on the Multi-Match lottery, while a syndicate of working truck drivers from New York recently shared $1 million on the Powerball.In fact, the lucky scratch off player had won $20,000, and his big win certainly made the rest of his drive more enjoyable. He now plans to use his winnings to help his girlfriend to pay off some bills and fix her car, “After we pay a few bills down, then we’re going to go out and celebrate!” he said. A Bonus Match 5 winner from Forestville in Maryland planned to pay off some bills after winning $100,000.Also celebrating is the Dorchester County retailer. The Royal Farms store on Ocean Gateway in Cambridge will receive a $200 from the Maryland Lottery for selling the top prize-winning scratch off ticket. The Ravens ticket has been in circulation for a while but still has plenty of prizes left to be claimed, including three more $20,000 top prizes and several $5,000 jackpots.It's quick and easy to purchase your tickets online at