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'Santa Claus' wins $9.824m Canadian Lotto 649 Jackpot
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A new car and house are on the shopping list of James Hartlin from Dartmouth in Nova Scotia, Canada. He can certainly afford it after a $9,824,873 Lotto 649 win in the May 28 draw.Hartlin, who is known as Santa Claus because of his big white beard, purchased his jackpot winning Lotto 649 ticket from a Holy Smokes retailer in Dartmouth. While there he also bought a red Team Canada Hat from the Atlantic Superstore and now considers it his “lucky hat.” That's certainly got around 9 millions reasons for living up to that nickname.His winning numbers were: 18-29-31-36-43-47. “I got six numbers right, one right after the other,” joked the happy Lotto 649 winner. He was in his laundry room the day after the draw when discovering he was a Lotto 649 millionaire following in the footsteps of Robert Jaeger from British Colombia who recently won a $5m Lotto 649 prize.James called the Lottery Customer Contact Centre and the woman on the other end of the line suggested he sit down. He was told just how much he'd won and he just couldn't believe the news.The big Canadian Lotto 649 win means he can now retire from his job as a Dartmouth crossing guard. He'll miss the job though apart from the cold winter days and rainy winters. Alfred Ayotte from Western Ontario in Canada also retired after his $1.6m Lotto 649 win. Shelly Hoover from Iowa, USA, was able to quit one of her three jobs after her $100,000 win in The Big Ticket scratchcard game.Hartlin has already had discussions with financial experts to help him deal with his big win. The Lotto 649 winner wants to buy a new house and a brand new car. David Pouchelu bought a mobile home after he won $1m playing the Lotto Max draw.His Lotto 649 jackpot is the fourth largest in recent years. Earlier this year a player from Ontario won a $64m Lotto 649 jackpot. In 2014 there were two $30m wins in Newfoundland and a $20m jackpot winner in New Brunswick.Try your hand at the lottery game and play online with us at