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Scratchcard Wedding Anniversary Present Wins $25,000
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Scratchcard Wedding Anniversary Present Wins $25,000

Celebrating a wedding anniversary had an extra surprise for its recipient. A scratchcard was given to a husband in Mount Gambier in South Australia and it won $25,000.

The $2 Sweep Stakes Instant scratchcard had been purchased by his wife. She’d bought several of them, but the first ones didn’t produce any wins. That all changed when the final one was scratched off.

Check this for me

Her husband was just finishing off his breakfast and getting ready to go to work. He had time to check the final scratchcard and then had a confused look on his face. He just looked at his wife with a blank expression on his face. ‘Can you come and check this for me?’ he asked his wife and wondered if she was playing a joke on him.

“I wasn’t sure why he was asking me to check,” said his wife. “When I saw the prize, I was just as gobsmacked as him,” she added. When he saw how surprised his wife was, any thought this might be a joke disappeared.

“We felt overwhelmed more than anything. Our heads were spinning!” she added. Then she revealed that buying scratchcards is new to them. Winning a $25,000 prize was just something they didn’t imagine would happen to them.

Treats on the way

Despite the win both went to work that morning. Any celebrations were put on hold, but they had big smiles on their faces all day. The win came just in time for Christmas, so some “little treats” were planned.

A trip away in the new year is a possibility. That will give them chance to have a belated anniversary celebration.

Their winning scratchcard was purchased from Chapman’s Newsagency. That’s owned by Colin Martin, and he’d delighted at the news. “Isn’t that wonderful!? It’s great news for the winner, our newsagency and the community,” said the Newsagency owner.

“What a great time of year to win as well! Especially with Christmas just around the corner, and after the tough few years we’ve had,” he added.

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