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This Scratchcard Winner demanded a giant cheque for his $1 prize
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This Scratchcard Winner demanded a giant cheque for his $1 prize

Usually a giant cheque is used for a win of a similar stature. That wasn’t the case for scratchcard winner Tyler Heep from Iowa, USA, who demanded a novelty cheque for his $1 prize.The scratchcard winner had seen all those big winners smiling as they received their giant cheques. So when he won $1, he wanted the whole world to know about his good luck. That led to him contacting the Iowa Lottery and asking for the unlikely presentation.[caption id="attachment_11263" align="aligncenter" width="540"]scratchcard winner tyler Tyler with his novelty cheque[/caption]“I figured It would be worth a shot,” said the hopeful winner. Luckily for him, the Iowa lottery bosses thought it was a really funny idea and the giant cheque presentation was arranged.“I’m surprised nobody else has done this before,” said the Iowa winner. The Iowa Lottery may not do this for anyone else though as it’s believed getting a giant cheque supplied can cost as much as $178 (£139). Much more than the $1 prize handed out!

A Special Day for the scratchcard winner

The Iowa Lottery certainly made this scratchcard winner feel special and treated him just as if he’d won a bigger jackpot. A local framing business framed the cheque without charge. Tyler said that he had spent “$5 on losing tickets to get this one dollar.”His friends are joining in the fun and have warned him of ‘new relatives coming out of the woodwork.” He shared their humour when refusing to make his Facebook post shareable. “No, I don’t want random people hitting me for money,” he joked.The lucky player celebrated his win with a cigar (probably wiping out his win). He’s unable to dream of buying a new car but did use his winnings to buy half a gallon of fuel.

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