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Second lottery winner from Buckie in a month thanks to the EuroMillions
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A father of two has become the second lottery winner in the last few weeks from the Scottish coastal town of Buckie, as he won almost £400,000 in the EuroMillions draw held last weekend.Barry Howie, an offshore mechanic, discovered his win when he was at work during the week, and was promptly sent home by his boss as he struggled to take in the reality of winning £378,884 in the Friday, May 8th EuroMillions draw. “I had no idea I’d won until I checked my email account on Saturday morning,” said Mr Howie as he told lottery officials about the moment he discovered he had won.“I handed my phone to a work mate and asked him if he was seeing what I was seeing. He said ‘yes you jammy so and so, you’ve won.’” The EuroMillions winner said that his boss then stepped in and told him to go home because his mind would not be on the job. Mr Howie said “I just couldn’t wait to tell my family.”Being picked up by his father, Mr Howie said that he surprised his girlfriend, Hannah, the mother of his two young children, and told her the news. “She couldn’t believe it when I told her. This could not have come at a better time for us”, he said.Mr Howie plays the EuroMillions lottery online, and said that it makes it easier to play regularly, since he is working offshore. The happy couple are going to pay off their mortgage, which they only just took out, and Mr Howie said that it feels very surreal to be able to say that they have already paid it off.The lucky couple are also planning to book a holiday with their children, not unlike another couple of Scottish winners who are headed for New York thanks to their EuroMillions win, and they said that their eldest daughter is really excited about the prospect of going to the beach somewhere warm. Mr Howie matched the five main numbers in the EuroMillions draw, which were 7, 14, 19, 47 and 49, and one out of the two lucky stars 3 and 10 to win the second tier prize along with three other players.Just last month another player from Buckie, Michael Innes, won £1million in an online Monopoly Millionaire lottery game.The next EuroMillions jackpot on Tuesday May 19th is £15 million: don’t miss this opportunity to win big and purchase your lottery tickets online at