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So much to do with your EuroMillions win!
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Since its launch in 2004, the EuroMillions lottery has changed the lives of hundreds of people. Winning the EuroMillions jackpot can make you as rich as a rock star or even a movie star - the UK's biggest EuroMillions win, nearly £162 million, is more than David Bowie and Phil Collins have earned in a lifetime of rock and roll.So what do you do when you realise your EuroMillions ticket matches the EuroMillionsjackpot results? Buy a car, a house, get married, or maybe go on holiday? You wouldn’t be alone, as at least one of these things is on the list of nearly all the previous winners - with some even having a fleet of cars, a profusion of houses and, unfortunately, a penchant for a couple of weddings?One recent UK EuroMillions jackpot winner purchased a Bugatti Veyron - the world's most expensive supercar - for £1 million pounds. One EuroMillions jackpot winner in Spain purchased an entire villa complex for himself, his family and friends. Another great example of EuroMillions spending is that of a Swiss winner, who spent nearly £10 million on jewellery.A lot of EuroMillions jackpot winners have also given the money to family, friends and various charitable organisations. This is what a lot of people say they would do if they won large sums on the EuroMillions lottery.For some winners, not everything is about extravagance. For example, one couple celebrated their EuroMillions win by ordering takeout pizza with their two children, whilst another settled for a bacon sandwich for breakfast, and despite having the funds to throw a lavish wedding one couple decided on a small intimate ceremony with close family.These are just a few examples of what you can do if you win the EuroMillions, and how it can change your life. The important thing is to be in it, so don’t hesitate and purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at