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Spanish Christmas lottery 2014 and its added bonuses
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El Gordo de Navidad 2014 will distribute €2,240 billion in prizes on December 22 and prizes may be collected on the same day.The popular Spanish Christmas Lottery is always keenly participated in by a huge number of players eager to get their hands on one of the many prizes up for grabs and it will no doubt be the same again this year.A new incentive for this year's Spanish Christmas Lottery draw is the possibility of receiving the prizes from 18.00pm onwards on December 22. "We are willing to pay out the prizes from that afternoon. The sooner the better; it is also a Monday, it is Christmas season and at a time when all of us have many expenses”, explained Ms. Inmaculada Martínez, the president of the Spanish lottery operator “Societá Estatal de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado” (LAE).If you play the Spanish Christmas lottery with us on we will pay out prizes up to €1,000 on the same day however prizes of larger values will take longer to process.The special Spanish Christmas Lottery draw will distribute an impressive total of €2,240 billion euros across more than 2 million prizes and this is the first time that winners are able to collect their prizes from 6pm onwards on the day of the draw.Among those Spanish Christmas lottery prizes there will be “El Gordo”: €4 million to the winning Serie – and then more and more prizes until reaching the €2,240 billion in prizes, which represents 70% of sales of the 160 million “décimos”.Since 15th July when the El Gordo de Navidad ticket sales started until now, between 12-13% of the tickets issued have been sold already according to Ms Martinez, and she added that the sales have grown compared to previous years, which she felt was a reflection of the socioeconomic improvement taking place in the country.