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Special Numbers Land $5.3m Lotto 6/49 Jackpot
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Do your lottery numbers have a special significance to you or are they just completely random? For Bahadur Sultani and his mother Aghdas Mehdizadeh from Winnipeg, Canada, their Lotto 6/49 numbers had a “very special meaning to them” and ended up winning a $5m jackpot in the December 28 draw.Bahadur explained this week just how important the numbers on their Lotto 6/49 ticket were to him and his mother. “Years ago, after my sister passed away, she came to me in a dream and gave me the numbers 40, 41, 1 and 15,” Sultani said. “When I told my mom about the dream, she told me I should play the lottery; that maybe the numbers would bring me good luck.” He always calls his mom to get the last two numbers and the pair she gave proved to be the winning ones. Sultani will share his jackpot win with his mother. Marilyn Boylan from Nova Scotia, Canada, shared her $1m Lotto Max win with her daughter.The Lotto 6/49 jackpot in that draw was $10.73m, two tickets shared the top prize both winning $5,366,704.80. The other winner was Olga Beno from Nova Scotia. Last week told you how her winning Lotto 6/49 numbers came to her in a dream. The winning numbers in that draw were: 01-05-10-15-40-41.Sultani work as a truck driver and bought the winning Lotto 6/49 ticket from the Fas Gas Service station in Red Deer, Alberta. Truck drivers do well in lotteries. This week told you of a retired truck driver in Maryland, USA, who won a $1.35m Multi-Match prize. A syndicate of forty truck-drivers in New York State, USA, shared a $1m Powerball win.Initially he thought his Lotto 6/49 ticket had only won $5,000. Then he thought $50,000 or $500,000. Eventually a store clerk told him it was worth $5.3m. “I kept saying, ‘I won something – I actually won something,’” he said. “I couldn’t believe it.”Mehdizadeh plans on using part of her share of the Lotto 6/40 win to help her move to British Columbia. Her son is keen on buying the perfect monster truck. $1m Lotto Max winner Patrick Kukko wants to buy a new motorcycle with his winnings.But first he wants to make his mother happy: “I think that’s the smart thing to do.” He said. They also want to donate some of their Lottery 6/49 winnings to charity.For your chance of becoming next lottery winner, play online with us at