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Special Numbers Win Family Syndicate €5.6m Irish Lotto jackpot
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Special Numbers Win Family Syndicate €5.6m Irish Lotto jackpot

 Being part of a syndicate can bring about big wins. A family syndicate of 16  from Enniscorthy in Wexford, Ireland won a €5.6 million Irish Lotto jackpot in the June 29 draw.

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Long wait for success

The Irish Lotto winners have asked to remain anonymous but did speak about their success. They must be a patient family because the syndicate had been playing the same numbers for 18 years. No wonder they couldn’t believe it when finally those numbers won an Irish Lotto jackpot.

The winning numbers in the June 29 Irish Lotto draw were: 01-09-17-25-30-31. That proved to be a perfect selection for the family. Their numbers were all birthdays and “special dates that mean something to all of us,” said their spokesperson.

A hundred times

Accepting that they had won took a while. “We must have checked the ticket a hundred times between us,” the spokesperson added.

Plans for the win include paying off mortgages, buying new cars and going on some great holidays.

Their winning ticket was purchased from the Day Today store in Enniscorthy. That’s owned by Frank Jordan and Kieran Walsh. Mr Jordan said it was great news for a local ticket to win the Irish Lotto jackpot.

He added that the pandemic had hit their business in the past year or so. The day of the Irish Lotto draw, a National Lottery Rep paid a visit. Frank asked him to “send a winning ticket my way.” A couple of hours later, the family syndicate won the jackpot.

It’s been a lucky time for syndicates in Ireland. Another family won a  €500,000 prize playing the July 12 EuroMillions draw.

They also wish to remain anonymous but said that the win will change their lives.One of the syndicate members said: “It cost me €100 to fill up the car yesterday. This is going to take huge pressure off us and offer us some peace of mind.”

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