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Stop off for a drink leads to $10m scratch card win and retirement
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When Ronald Lopez from California, USA, stopped off at a gas station in Sonoma, he only wanted a drink. He changed his mind and purchased a scratch card and sensationally won $10m playing the $10 Million Dazzler scratch card game.It was the sight of the fancy-looking $10 Million Dazzler scratch card at Bonneau’s 76 gas station that grabbed his attention. He just saw it and thought to himself, “Why not give it a shot?” and he’s glad that he did. Tarea Teaseley from New York State, won $10m on a $350 million Cash Spectacular scratch card that she was attracted to by its colour. It was the unusual look of a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner scratch card that persuaded Freeman Schlichting from Iowa, USA, to buy one and he won $30,000.Lopez went back to his car and began to scratch off the first of 30 boxes on the card. By the time he reached the thirteenth box he was in total shock as his $10 Million Dazzler scratch card revealed the magic number ‘$10,000,000.’ Underneath that was “TENMIL” all in caps.“I took a couple of glances. Didn’t really believe it. I was in tears,” Lopez recalled. Uncertain of his win on the $10 Million Dazzler scratch card, he took it back to the convenience store and gave it to the clerk for scanning. “All she said was, ‘Oh my God!’”The lucky $10 Million Dazzler scratch card winner headed home and placed his life-changing purchase in his safe. Andrea White of Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, decided to hide her $30,000 winning Powerball ticket in a silver box until she claimed her winnings.Lopez now has the option of taking his $10 Million Dazzler scratch card winnings either as a $400,000 per year annuity for 25 years or a lump-sum payment of $5,800,000 before federal taxes. He’s already in touch with a financial advisor to help him with his decision and how to look after his winnings. “Just have to control our spending now. Don’t want to go through it too fast!” he said. Recently, we told you of the financial advice Australian lottery advisor Pina Compagnone gives to winners.One decision has been made and after his win playing the $10 Million Dazzler scratch card, Ronald is going to retire, unlike the Irishman who decided to carry on working despite winning a €4.4m Irish Lotto jackpot.To be in with a chance of winning, why don’t you purchase your tickets online at