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Sydney man reveals tips after winning Oz Lotto five times in three months
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A man from Sydney has revealed his biggest secrets: how to win the Oz Lotto five times in the space of just three months.Carlo Massetti has, over the space of three months, won the Oz Lotto five times and made a huge $3 million. The Sydney native revealed that he purchased all of his five winning lottery entries from stores in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, three from the same news agents in Bondi, and the other two from nearby Bondi Junction. Recently we told you about another Sydney lottery player who won $1.4 million on the Keno during a farewell dinner for his grandson.However, if you were hoping for a sure-fire way to imitate Mr Massetti’s Oz Lotto fortune and amass a fortune worth over $3 million, unfortunately you’ll be disappointed. The lucky lottery winner told local news that his big wins all came down to “Just sheer luck,” and added: “there’s no skill. I guess someone was looking after me.” A Frenchman recently won his second €1 million EuroMillions prize in the space of 18 months, while earlier this month a woman from Montana in the USA won top prizes on two different scratch cards in the same day.The lucky Oz Lotto winner has been playing the lottery on and off for around 10 to 15 years, and recommended playing a systems entry, choosing your own lottery numbers, instead of a Quick Pick, but he said that he didn’t have any other tips for would-be winners. “I’m just good old Carlo,” said the Oz Lotto winner, “I’m the same guy. Well, currently I don’t need to work.” A couple from Perth in Western Australia won two $1 million prizes on the Oz Lotto in less than two years.The Sydney man told local news that despite his incredible good luck, his $3 million of winnings haven’t changed his life, and he has thus far been very sensible with his windfall. Last month he donated $50,000 to St Vincent’s Hospital’s cardiac unit, but he’s not sure how he’ll spend the rest, particularly as he is just coming out of a marriage break up. An Oz Lotto winner from Western Australia planned to use his lottery winnings to open an animal refuge.When he found out about his first Oz Lotto win, the lucky player said that he found himself in tears. “I’d been through hell the last couple of months after my marriage ended,” he said, adding that he is still playing the Lotto three times a week.You too could become a big winner, just play online with us at