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The Spanish El Niño lottery is a new opportunity to win
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The Christmas Lottery is the most famous and popular lottery in Spain, and is the lottery in which Spanish people spend the most in purchasing tickets. But, once it has passed, players that did not win anything or got just small quantities are given a new opportunity to get a prize. We are talking about a lottery that distributes 560 million euros in prizes: the El Niño lottery.On the 6th of January there will be a new opportunity to get a prize, or “to get out of poverty”, as many lottery players say, therefore they buy tickets for El Niño lottery, hoping to be luckier than they were with the Spanish Christmas lottery.According to an official survey, a total of 18% of the prizes that were obtained in the Christmas Lottery are reinvested to buy tickets for the Spanish El Niño lottery, which is held on the day when the Wise Men visited baby Jesus, conforming to Christian tradition.Many players look for this second opportunity with enthusiasm and hope, because the El Niño lottery distributes a lower quantity of millions, but a greater number of players receive a prize, and the possibilities to win a medium or big prize are very good.The lottery retailer shop called “Doña Manolita”, located in Madrid, is one of the most famous lottery establishments of the capital city because it has paid many prizes in the past. According to its employees, practically all lottery players who received a refund prize in the Spanish Christmas lottery use that money to purchase tickets for El Niño lottery.Ms. Concha Corona, the manager of the lottery shop, said that “When customers receive a medium size winning, they always end up buying more lottery tickets than they intended to, in order to get more chances of winning”.Next January 6th we will know the lucky numbers of the El Niño lottery and which places of Spain where the luckiest. Remember that you may purchase your tickets online with us at