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Theatres to benefit from £1m EuroMillions win
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A £1m EuroMillions Millionaire Maker win for Pam Aird from Botley in Oxfordshire, England in the October 25 draw, isn’t just great news for her but for a local theatre too.It’s not been an easy time for the 58-year-old lately as she’s current off work due to illness. In fact, she was on her way back from a doctor’s appointment when she popped into a Martin McColl’s newsagent and purchased her winning EuroMillions ticket.The jubilant winner checked the results online later that evening and when she saw that her ticket matched the code she thought her eyes “were playing tricks on me.” She then rushed into the bedroom to tell her partner Alick Alder, 60, the amazing news.A restless night followed with the shocked winner as she constantly thought about how she could help her friends and the local community. Pam has “an absolute passion for theatre and drama” and used to be an amateur actor but now works behind the scenes. The EuroMillions winner now plans to upgrade the lighting facilities at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon. Also planned is providing microphone heads for the Didcot Phoenix Theatre and Synergy group where she is a member.Former actor Roy Cockrum Jr helped fund a five-hour play after his $259.8m Powerball win. Many lottery winners are very generous: for example, a €72m EuroMillions winner from France said she’d donate at least €50m to charity.Aird wants to clear her debts and is considering moving back to Abingdon. “Already I have put wheels in motion to pay off debts that I have carried around for too many years, and finally make a clean start," she said."Putting things right and helping the local arts in Oxfordshire are priorities but I'd be lying if I didn't say the win will also make a difference to how Alick and I enjoy life."The couple have been together for 22 years and are avid music fans. They hope their EuroMillions win will allow them to buy cosier festival accommodation than their trusty two-man tent. Rock musician James Stephen Jennion was celebrating after his £1.045m UK Lotto win.The EuroMillions winner is also a big tennis fan and hopes to be able to attend some top tournaments. Sports mad Matthew Evans from Wales said he wanted to see top sports action when he won £2.6m on the UK Lotto. John Taylor from England could go to Australia to see the Ashes thanks to a £137,945 EuroMillions windfall.Give your dream a chance and purchase all your tickets online at