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Top tips for playing SuperEnalotto
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While people in their millions play lottery games all over the world, there are equal numbers who believe the whole matter is a complete waste of time. We have to admit, this is a mindset we just can't agree with; don't they realize that you have to be in it to win it?Italy's SuperEnalotto is one of the biggest and best lottery games in the world, with massive jackpots handed out every week. If that sentence alone isn't enough reason to get you playing, here are a few more:Firstly, and perhaps foremostly, what you could do with your SuperEnalotto winnings. Debts could be paid off, houses and cars bought, holidays taken, travel dreams realized, friends and family provided for...the list of things this sort of money can buy really is almost endless. The ticket cost is a small price to pay for that sort of financial security.The Italian lottery has something other lotteries don't: there's no cap on the amount of times a jackpot can be rolled over. This means the SuperEnalotto jackpot can continue to grow until it's finally claimed.The Super Enalotto is played three times a week. That's triple the chances to win!This is a lotto game that's incredibly easy to play – six numbers for each line. Matching all six SuperEnalotto main numbers hits the jackpot, but matching the second tier prize (five numbers plus the Jolly number) could still see you pocket a serious wad of euros.SuperEnalotto ticket costs are low, so it’s more than worth the investment.It can be played outside Italy – simply buy your SuperEnalotto tickets online for your chance to win.Convinced? We thought so. Improve your chances of winning it big today; buy tickets for Superenalotto draws online at