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Treats Galore for Postcode Lottery Winners
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Treats Galore for Postcode Lottery Winners

There were shocks galore for six neighbours from Sutton Courtenay in Oxfordshire, England,earlier this month. Five of them won £30,000 playing the July 9 Postcode Lottery Street Prize. One lucky player (who didn’t wish to be interviewed) had two tickets and won £60,000.

Margaret and her husband David couldn’t believe their big win. All Margaret could initially say was “Wow.” David asked “Is that all ours?”

New fridge please

It was and Margaret, who has multiple sclerosis, was planning to start spending her Postcode Lottery winnings the very next day. A new fridge and washing machine were top of her spending list.

Her husband isn’t surprised at that choice. That’s because their current ones “go back to the turn of the century.” Before that, the couple wanted to go for a nice meal or have a takeaway to celebrate their windfall.

Also celebrating their £30,000 Postcode Lottery win are Terence and his wife Joyce. They were in shock too as their belief was the win was only £1,000. The couple plan on using their winnings to help their son (who lives in Dubai), daughter and three grandchildren.

Their daughter had been suggesting they go to Dubai at Christmas. That wasn’t looking financially possible but as her father said: “Now we can!”

Really chuffed

Another holiday is being planned, but this time to Weymouth in Southern England. Grandfather-of-one Sean also won a £30,000 Postcode Lottery prize. His response to hearing how much he’d won? “I’m chuffed, really chuffed.”

He looks after his daughter and granddaughter and “a little holiday” to Weymouth is going to be a big treat for them. He’s going to celebrate his win first though. “I might have a can of beer to celebrate, maybe even two,” said the delighted winner.

More family treats are on the way for the relatives of £30,000 Postcode Lottery winner Andrew. He has three daughters as well as grandchildren to look after. They will all get treats and so will his partner Claire. Andrew admitted though “I might spoil myself” so everyone will be happy.

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