Triple Triumph for €1 million Irish Lottery Winners

Triple Triumph for €1 million Irish Lottery Winners

Triple Triumph for €1 million Irish Lottery Winners

Three lottery millionaires received their life-changing cheques in June. They all seemed to be getting over the shock of winning.

One of the lucky winners was a man from Dublin who won €1 million in the May 18 Lotto Plus draw. A few weeks had passed since his lottery win but he was still shocked at what had happened.

Wrong numbers?

The lottery winner recalled how he typed in the numbers that had won him €1 million but couldn’t believe what he saw.  Had he typed in the wrong numbers? He kept typing them in and got the same result every time.

He described that moment as “the absolute shock of my life.” He hasn’t decided what to do with his fantastic winnings. “Hopefully it sinks in soon and I can get planning then,” he said. A woman from Cork  was shocked when finding her €100,000 winning lottery ticket  in her handbag.


Another of the successful lottery winners had actually seen the June 5 draw live on television. The lucky Dublin player admitted he hadn’t ever seen the draw live until then. He’d even set his alarm to remind him.

He joked: “Don’t ask me why or where that even came from!” No wonder he added: “What a night to even have such a notion.”

Having seen his numbers win €1 million, he then had difficulty convincing his family of his big win. “They had no idea what I was about to say,” he recalled.

Lucky person

The winner of a €1 million Daily Million prize said he knew one day he’d win a big prize.  Then on June 16 it finally happened. He says “I would call myself a bit of a lucky person and I feel like I’ve proved that now.”

The regular lottery player has had some wins in the past but “nothing like this.”  When receiving his cheque, the delighted player said this was “definitely not the week I thought I’d be having.” He quickly added: “I mean that in the best possible way.”

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