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Twists of Fate lead to $10 million scratch card win
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Twists of Fate lead to $10 million scratch card win

Allen Boger from Lake Norman in North Carolina, USA, needed some fuel for his truck. He also bought a scratch card and on February 13, he won a $10 million prize.

The fact that he won such a large amount is purely down to a decision that he made. He had been planning to buy a scratch card but a different game from another store. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

The moment that the low-fuel light on his Silverado truck lit up, his plans all changed. He headed to the Luna Mart gas station in the easter Lincoln County community of Denver which is closer to where he lives.

Change of plan

He had no problem buying the fuel, but it was a different matter with the scratch card. They had run out of his favourite $20 scratch card game. Still wanting to buy one, for the first time he spent an extra $10 and tried his luck on the $10,000,000 Colossal Cash game. He became the fourth player lucky enough to win the $10 million top prize.

Talking about his fantastic win, the car salesman said: “It took a couple of twists of fate for this to happen.” He beat odds of 1 in 2.83 million to scoop the $10 million. Perhaps it wasn’t too big a surprise as he says, “I’ve been lucky my whole life.”

Retirement Beckons

The scratch card winner had the option of taking his win as an annuity or a one-off payment. He chose the latter and after paying taxes will receive $4.2 million. He now plans to pay off all his bills and then retire from his job. Instead of selling cars he will be relaxing and living off his savings and investments.

It’s the latest big win in the Charlotte-Lake Norman area. February had begun with Cheryl Ratliff from Wingate winning a $4 million scratch card prize. Then, a player in Mecklenburg County won a $2 million Mega Millions prize. Who will be next in the area to win a massive lottery prize?

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