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Two SuperEnalotto millionaires are found within 72 hours in Calabria
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Italy’s SuperEnalotto lottery game found two winners of more than €1 million in just the space of 72 hours last week, and both of those winners purchased their tickets in the same shop.In Montepaone, a small town on the coast of Italy near Catanzaro, in the province of Calabria, a mystery player hit the SuperEnalotto jackpot last Saturday after buying their ticket with the numbers 2, 13, 22, 37, 48 and 90 from Bar Gerace store in Via Padre Pio. This player won their top prize on Saturday, January 10th and they will take home over €4 million.The identity of that lucky SuperEnalotto jackpot winner in still unknown, and to date nobody has come forward to claim the €4,327,432.81 prize, however plenty of locals are speculating over who might be the lucky player. And since Montepaone is such a small town, we are sure that the rumour mill will go into overdrive as locals try to discover who the lucky millionaire is.The store owner told the local press that they often have customers from all over the world during the summer; however in the winter they see nobody but locals, leading the net of possibility to be much smaller. The store is currently celebrating their big local lottery win and hoping that the SuperEnalotto winner is somebody’s friend or family member so that the town can celebrate their lottery millionaires together.However, the lottery ticket selling store is not only celebrating its jackpot winning ticket, it is also celebrating what the owner is calling a “real miracle”, the fact that in the following draw on Tuesday, January 13th, the store sold yet another SuperEnalotto winning ticket. This ticket was purchased by another mystery player within the town, who this time won a prize worth €1 million.The store’s co-owner, Rocco Gerace, told lottery officials that he was shocked and surprised to discover that his store had sold two winning lottery tickets within 72 hours. “Something like this never happened before, I still don’t believe it,” he said. “We are proud to be part of this historic event in the SuperEnalotto life.”It’s simple and easy to purchase your lottery tickets online at