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Two Times EuroMillions Winner Has An Illegal Cabin In His Garden
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A Bulgarian man who has won the EuroMillions twice is reportedly renting a £10,000 a year illegal cabin in the back garden of his home.George Traykov, 46, was a EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle winner in September 2011 when he won £1 million, and he then also won a second tier £160,873 prize in March 2013. He bought a new home using his new found fortunes in London’s suburb of Harrow. Mr Traykov however then went on to build an illegal cabin in the back garden.This cabin is part of the ‘beds in sheds’ phenomenon which has supposedly become a trend in London, as thousands of both legal and illegal residents struggle to afford accommodation in the expensive city. The local council refer to the people who live in these make-shift homes a hidden community – people that the state struggle to cater for as they don’t pay council tax and aren’t accounted for by any other means.Mr Traykov’s garden cabin is fully equipped with a kitchen, toilet and a bedroom, and was extraordinarily discovered by an aircraft with a thermal camera. A spokesperson for Harrow council explained that thermal imaging was used to detect the amount of beds in sheds in the local area, and that to their surprise, the thermal pictures received showed that there were four times as many as initially anticipated.The property developer who struck gold with the lottery and boasted upon his win that he prides himself hard work and living within his means, also rents out bedrooms in his main house, despite the fact that the property is not being licensed as a House of Multiple Occupation.With the local council currently investigating, Mr Traykov is now in breach of two different planning enforcement notices, which has resulted in him being served a notice to demolish the cabin in his garden. The unofficial landlord is currently enjoying the fruits of his EuroMillions triumph on a trip travelling through Europe, but has appealed his planning notices, which has left the council investigating the extent of his planning breach.The Bulgarian is hugely lucky to have won two substantial EuroMillions lottery prizes, but his actions since then could be the start of his luck spiralling downwards.