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Two weeks of patience leads to $1 million Lotto 649 win for Canadian syndicate
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A group of four Arichat fish plant workers from Nova Scotia in Atlantic Canada have won $1 million on the Lotto 649 after just two weeks of playing the lottery together.Co-workers Marc Touesnard, Shelley Marchand, Leo Peeples, and Spencer Green won their big prize on October 19th, just two weeks after they first decided to play the Lotto 649 together to try their luck, just like an Irish syndicate who won €150,000 on the EuroMillions in their first play together. The group said that they found out about a recent winner just after the draw had taken place, but for a while they couldn’t find the winning ticket to find out if it was them.The syndicate said that they had heard rumours that there had been a local winner in the area, but they had checked their two tickets and didn’t think the winner could be then. However, a few days went by and nobody came forward to claim the Lotto 649 prize, which led to Mr Peeples wondering if the mystery millionaire could perhaps be them after all.“I was home and remembered that we’d had three tickets instead of two because we got a free play,” he told lottery officials this week when they did finally get together to claim their Lotto 649 prize at lottery offices in Halifax. Eventually, just like a lucky Irish Lotto winner who found a ticket in her handbag, he found the winning ticket in a safe place, his lunchbox, and shared the good news with his colleagues as soon as he’d checked it.The winners, all of whom live in Richmond County, will split the $1 million prize equally, and all have different plans for the money. Unlike a couple from Atlantic Canada who won $30 million on the Lotto Max and retired right away, none of them plan to take early retirement, with different priorities including helping out family, travelling like a recent Nova Scotia Lotto 649 winner, and putting down a deposit on some land in order to build a property being mentioned.The retailer of the winning Lotto 649 ticket, Jeantie’s Mini-Mart in Arichat, will receive a one percent bonus for selling a winning ticket.Purchase your lottery tickets online at it's quick and easy.