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UK based EuroMillions winner is cutting it fine to claim their prize
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A EuroMillions winner from Bexley who won £168,155.90 in January this year is yet to claim their prize and has until July 24th to do so.The National Lottery in the United Kingdom is urging players in the Bexley and Kent areas to check their old EuroMillions tickets in case matching numbers had been missed. The winning ticket was purchased in Bexley for the draw on January 24th 2014 and matched all of the five main numbers in the draw as well as one out of the two lucky stars.The winning numbers in this draw were 5, 19, 34, 34 and 41 while the lucky star numbers were 1 and 5. EuroMillions winners have exactly six months from the date of the drawing to claim their prize, giving the mystery winner until July 24th of this year. Two months into that time period and we are still waiting for the winner, giving lottery officials reason to think that this winner may not come forward at all.Usually lottery players who know they have won may take some time for the shock to wear off before coming forward to claim their prize, but chances are that after two months the winner has either lost his or her ticket or thrown it away. However, there is still hope that the lucky lottery player simply does not know that the winning ticket is sitting right there in their wallet, waiting to be presented to lottery officials to claim a multi thousand pound prize.If this EuroMillions prize is not collected before the 180 day deadline, then the lottery prize and any interest it has generated will go to the National Lottery Good Causes fund, which helps charities and worthy causes across the United Kingdom.Lottery officials say that they are desperate to find the winner and unite them with their rightful winnings. Urging everybody who may have bought a lottery ticket in the local area in January to check, double check and triple check their old tickets, a spokesman said that champagne is on ice for when the winner comes forward. Anybody who believes they have the winning lottery ticket should call the National Lottery Line without delay, and start enjoying that money as soon as possible!The EuroMillions lottery is currently worth an estimated jackpot of £20 million for its next draw on Friday, March 28th, so what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now at for your chance to be one of hundreds of winners across the United Kingdom and Europe this weekend.