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UK EuroMillions lottery player splits the jackpot with French counterpart
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Last night’s EuroMillions lottery saw the jackpot won by not just one but two tickets, one of which was sold in the United Kingdom while the other one was sold in France.The draw on Friday November 7th was worth an estimated £25.8 million after it had rolled over for several consecutive draws. However, the EuroMillions lottery was not allowed to continue rolling as it was split between two ticket holders across the member countries.There were hopes that the lottery jackpot might see values similar to the last time the jackpot was won, when it went to a sole ticket holder in Portugal at the end of October. That draw, on Friday October 24th, saw one EuroMillions player net a jackpot worth almost £150 million.Despite this week’s jackpot not being such a large one, it was still a life-changing total for the two winners who matched the EuroMillions main numbers 13, 25, 32, 38 and 46 as well as both of the Lucky Stars 1 and 10. Each player will take home approximately £12.9 million once the jackpot has been sent to France and to the UK.As well as the jackpot winners, Friday’s EuroMillions game saw almost two million other player bag prizes, with three players netting the second tier prize worth £393,432.70 each just for matching the five main numbers and one out of the two lucky stars. The third tier prize winners, all thirteen of them, also took home a big prize fund for matching the first five numbers; they will all find themselves just over £30,000 richer after this weekend.Other EuroMillions players won smaller, but equally as exciting, prizes, ranging from £4,574 to £2.90. There was also one more UK millionaire thanks to the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle game, which guarantees one player every draw the chance to win £1 million if their ticket matches the same raffle code that is drawn.The next EuroMillions draw will take place on Tuesday, November 11th, and it will revert back to its usual starting value of £11 million. It’s simple and easy to purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at