UK Lotto Millionaires Help Renovate Ilkley Lido

UK Lotto Millionaires Help Renovate Ilkley Lido

UK Lotto Millionaires Help Renovate Ilkley Lido

A group of UK lotto winners from Yorkshire and the north east of England have been helping the community. They’ve been hard at work helping to renovate Ilkley Lido in Bradford.

Their much appreciated work has included planting flowers and planters as they tried to bring the Lido back to its glory days. When taking a break from all the hard work, they had the time to talk about how life has been since  their UK Lotto success.

Presents galore   

Two of  those helping outwere Trish Emson and Graham Norton from Rotherham in Yorkshire, England. 

When winning £1.7 million 20 years ago, Trish celebrated by spending £700 on presents for her friends. The UK Lotto winner joked that she bought everyone a present but herself.

Trish doesn't believe her success has changed her much at all and that has surprised those who know her. Caravans have been purchased so her family can go on holiday and she’s never quit working.

Happy memories   

£3.1 million UK Lotto winners Sarah and Aldan Ibbetson had a special reason for helping out. The Leeds couple used to regularly take their children to the Lido and have many “happy memories.”   They were fully supportive of “bringing colour and creativity and restoring the Lido to how it would have looked in its heyday.”

Also helping out were Susan and Michael Crossland who won a UK Lotto prize 15 years ago. They scooped £1.4 million and Michael says doing so was “the    most amazing feeling ever and it still is now to this day."

Beautiful hanging baskets   

Elaine Thompson from Newcastle will always remember the day she won a £2.7 million UK Lotto jackpot. The big win came 28 years ago on her wedding anniversary. The 67-year-old said she had a great time and believes visitors will love seeing the hanging baskets up. 

The UK Lotto winner said she’s had a great 28 years since her win. Even though she became a lottery millionaire, Elaine carried out working so she could set an example to her children.

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