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UK Lotto winner’s mansion has lottery numbers inscribed into pool
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A UK Lotto winner who won £7.5 million in 1998 has revealed that his winning numbers are written on the bottom of his pool.Roy Gibney won £7.5 million on the UK Lotto in July 1998, and bought his mansion in Lincolnshire, England for £375,000, updating it to give it all the features that one would expect from a lottery winner’s home. The property is now on the market for £1.125 million, giving us the opportunity to take a virtual nosey around a lottery winner’s home. Nearby, a north Lincolnshire woman recently had her life changed when she won £30,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery.The home features not only six bedrooms, but also a steam room, hot tub and gym, as well as a games room which features a bar and a mini cinema. The lottery winner’s mansion is set within 17.6 acres of land, which includes an all-weather tennis court and a fishing lake. Another big UK lottery winner, Adrian Bayford, recently used his mansion to save a local rock festival which was set to be cancelled.However, it is the swimming pool which would surely give away that this house belongs to a lottery winner, because on the bottom of the pool are inscribed Mr Gibney’s winning lottery numbers, the date of the drawing which led to his owning this property 20 years ago, and his jackpot UK Lotto prize of £7.5 million.There is also a separate changing ad toilet facility joined onto the pool, and a conservatory in which to relax. A recent Canadian Lotto Max syndicate which won $10 million said they were all thinking about installing swimming pools after their win, while a £24.4 million UK Lotto winner wanted to buy a new home with a pool.“When I won the lottery, I enjoyed all the luxuries you would expect of a lottery winner,” Mr Gibney told the press. “Even featuring my winning lottery numbers on the bottom of my 50’ swimming pool which I built at my Grimsby home.” A EuroMillions winner from Grimsby has often been in the news thanks to her charitable work following her £4.8 million win.The winner continued to talk about how his lottery win enabled him to live a carefree life, even though he no longer indulges quite as much as he used to. “I split my time between my villa in Cyprus and Britain,” he said.If you think you could follow Mr Gibney’s footsteps in becoming a UK Lotto winner, why not give it a go with us at