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UK National Lottery winners prefer sharing and experiences to buying material goods
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A recent survey conducted by the National Lottery in the UK has revealed that more and more lottery winners prefer to share their fortunes with friends, family and charities.Just like Barbara Wragg from Sheffield in England who was the UK’s most charitable lottery winner, the survey announced that winners are choosing less to spend their money on expensive material goods, and instead they are donating their winnings or giving it away, although Range Rovers and hot tubs are still big favourites. Previously, National Lottery winners have been big fans of buying racehorses, conservatories and ride-on lawn mowers, but now more people prefer to spend money on camper fans, woodlands and university fees for themselves or their children.Winners of big National Lottery prizes like to spend their money on experiences, such as helicopter rides, with 53% reporting that they chose to spend their money on making memories, with 39% buying expensive possessions, and 8% did both. Some of the experiences the National Lottery enabled them to do were going or safari, taking trips to Disney World and swimming with dolphins. A EuroMillions Mega Draw winner was given the chance to swim with dolphins thanks to their £1 million win.When they do buy themselves treats, National Lottery winners spend their money on garden football pitches, pets, and of course the Range Rovers and hot tubs. 47% of National Lottery winners said that giving gifts to their friends, family and charities gave them more happiness than quitting their jobs or buying new possessions. A UK Lotto winner from Cornwall in England donated £1 million of his prize fund to a local charity.In fact, a huge 98% of National Lottery winners had given a gift of some form to their family, and an average of 19% of winnings in total have been given away. A lot of parents and grandparents also made their children or grandchildren millionaires thanks to their lottery wins. When a family syndicate from Dublin won €4.5 million on the Irish Lotto, the grandchildren were set to benefit.“After the shock and excitement, nearly all winners’ first question is how they can look after their nearest and dearest,” said Andy Carter, a spokesperson for the UK National Lottery. A Powerball winning couple from Louisiana in the USA set up trust funds for their two children after claiming their $55.9 million jackpot.Turn your plans into reality and purchase your tickets online at