US Players Discover Lottery Wins Months After the Draw

US Players Discover Lottery Wins Months After the Draw

US  Players Discover Lottery Wins Months After the Draw

Not everyone checks their lottery tickets right away. Some players take a fair while to discover if they’ve had a big win.

Months without checking her ticket

A woman from Lynnwood in Washington, USA, spent months unaware that she’d won $135,000. Identified only as ‘M.B.’ the player bought her Hit 5 ticket from a vending machine at her local store.

A few months later, her husband suggested that his wife finally check the ticket. When she scanned it, her $135,000 lottery win was revealed.

The lucky winner is both a mother and a master electrician. Thanks to this big win, her life is now debt-free.

Oregon success 
Over in Oregon, USA, David Schultze also has a habit of not checking his lottery tickets regularly. He’s not a regular player and only plays when there’s a large jackpot on the line. It took him a month to find out he had won an amazing $8.4 million.

The 68-year-old bought his winning Megabucks lottery ticket on January 24 and then just left it unchecked. Now he’s made his sensational discovery, he plans to invest most of his $8.4 million winnings.

Massive US lottery jackpots 
This weekend sees some massive lottery jackpots to be won. This evening it’s the Mega Millions draw with a massive $607 million top prize. There’s yet to be a jackpot win in 2024 in this American lottery. The last jackpot win in the Mega Millions lottery was in the December 8, 2023 draw. On that occasion  the same store sold two tickets that shared the $394 million jackpot

Only once since 2019 has the Mega Millions jackpot been won in the month of March. Perhaps this Friday will see a ticket purchased from Lottery24 win the top prize.

The Powerball jackpot has also been rising substantially in recent weeks. Tomorrow’s draw has a top prize of $443 million. 2024 began with a player in Michigan, USA, win a fantastic $842 million Powerball jackpot. Will we see another big winner in Saturday’s draw?

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