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Walt Disney World and a massive jigsaw on shopping list of £1m EuroMillions winners
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Little did Lesley White from Halifax in West Yorkshire, England, know that for a week she was carrying around in her purse a ticket from the March 6 EuroMillions draw that had won £1m.The 43-year-old has been playing the lottery for 24 years but doesn’t check her tickets quickly, believing she’d never get a big win. She only checked her winning EuroMillions ticket when going to buy some for the following week and couldn’t believe it when the cashier told her it was a winner of an amount so large she’d have to call Camelot.When it came to that phone call, her husband had to speak to Camelot, as his wife was speechless. Now with her voice back, she commented, “To think I had been carrying £1m around in my purse for a week and I didn’t even know it!. I can now live a life with no money worries.”The EuroMillions winner has already quit her part-time job as a packer in a mail order warehouse. Canadians Stephanie Lewis and Keith Hayman retired after their $30m Lotto Max jackpot win.Lesley now plans to take her husband, Malcolm, 54, and her ten-year-old daughter to Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. Irish woman Stephanie Harkin went to Disneyland Paris after her £100,000 National Lottery Diamond Riches scratch card win.The lucky EuroMillions winner had told her daughter they’d head to Walt Disney World if she ever won the lottery and now she can. Florida is proving to be a popular holiday destination, with Janet Dykstra heading there after her People’s Postcode Lottery Dream Holiday win.Other plans for their EuroMillions win are paying off their mortgage and some home renovations including a new bathroom, kitchen and new windows and doors. The delighted EuroMillions winner also wants to buy a newer car as her present one is 11 years old.Her husband met Lesley in a jigsaw shop and now Malcolm wants to buy the world’s largest jigsaw, that’d keep him busy as it has over 40,000 pieces. It’s entitled ‘Disney’s Memorable Moments’ so perhaps his daughter will help him.In the USA, Daniel Chase from Michigan kept a Powerball ticket worth $1m in his wallet for two months. Sally Ann Wells had a £1,471,718 winning UK Lotto ticket pinned on her noticeboard for a month before checking it.To discover how a big win makes you feel, purchase your tickets online at