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West Cork man wins €257,084 on the Euromillions, then heads to work
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A man from West Cork in Ireland has won over a quarter of a million Euros on the EuroMillions this week, and rushed back to work as soon as he’d claimed it.Not long ago we told you about a man from Cork who achieved his third big lottery win, and now another lucky winner, a bachelor who’d purchased his ticket from Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork, collected his cheque worth €257,084 from the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin on Tuesday, before rushing back to the station in order to get a train in time for work. The lottery winner, who works in a local factory, made sure he got back home in time to clock in for his shift, and he told lottery officials that he plans to keep his feet on the ground. A National Lottery winner from Wiltshire in England was also straight back to work after winning £4 million on a scratch card.The anonymous winner matched five numbers and one lucky start in the EuroMillions draw held on August 4th, but his celebrations have since been minimal. “I have my feet firmly on the ground, even if the win hasn’t quite sunk in yet,” the lucky man said as he claimed his EuroMillions prize in Dublin. A family from Québec who won $60 million on the Canadian Lotto Max also spoke of keeping their feet on the ground after their win.“I have the same friends now that I had in school and lead a modest life, so there’s no chance the money will change me,” he added. The EuroMillions winner took his sister to Dublin with him to claim his prize, and he said that despite the early start she was more than willing to accompany him. Fortunately, the winner claimed his prize in plenty of time, unlike a syndicate from Co Cork who claimed their EuroMillions prize just hours before the deadline.Now, with the money in the bank and his shifts at work still confirmed, the bachelor has plenty of opportunities ahead of him with his EuroMillions winnings. A syndicate of cleaning ladies from Scotland were also straight back to work after their EuroMillions win. “I will probably put a lump of it into a getting a house of my own, a new set of golf clubs, and after that I don’t know,” The Cork man told lottery officials, adding that his sister had suggested investing in a race horse, but that he wasn’t so keen himself.Try your luck and purchase your tickets online at